Thursday, April 1, 2010

She and He: Line maroing

She: I see cricket has really got your attention today.

He: Why do you say that?

She: You've had no time to moon

He: Missing the honey. What's my poison?

She: Hunny

He: Am winnie the pooh alright.

She: :-) better look out for that middle

He: But you still haven't completed the 'she says' bit of the may i kiss u 'he says' line.

She: Line maroing is your job

He: So will you play along? I promise to keep it simple and straight. No going around in circles.

She: Play?

He: We are but players and all we do is play our parts.

She: Circles?

He: Won't go round and round, keep it short and simple.

She: It?

He: It is written

She: Much has been written and yet nothing... :-)

He: There is a slip between the cup and the lip