Thursday, April 17, 2008

A pilgrimage

People go to temples and mosques and churches and gurudwaras. People go to glaciers and to the mountains. All for a pilgrimage. I went to Srinagar last week and crossed the longest shrine in India - the 2.5 km Jawahar Tunnel. The tunnel cuts through the peaks of the Pir Panjal range - 3,000 ft of mountain stands above over a narrow, dark tunnel that is the lifeline of Kashmir. This picture was taken immediately after crossing the shrine. The only common thing with this shrine and the others is that no photography of the shrine is allowed.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh sleep!

I came back and saw you were gone.
I lost you to the world of dreams and bliss.
Of sleep - that gentle thing that slid into your soul.
You resisted it, I hope, but I know that you couldn't.
None can win, when sleep takes over.
Daylight is far, your world is farther.
Only you are near.
I will wait for you to awaken and rise.
Till then, sweet dreams my love. Good Night!

Being singular...

The coloniser has consumed you and I am shattered
Oh how I had thought that your absence would be celebrated
I would drink to it and make merry
Live life on my own terms

But alas! It was not to be
This poor heart is a fool, the mind a bigger one
It can see, but it doesn't act
It can feel, but it doesn't react
It waits...

It breathes in bits and pieces
It eats but doesn't taste
It stays but doesn't live

Oh how I had thought I would revel in being alone
Of being singular once again
Of being that entity that I so loved

But alas! It's all gone
Singular has ceased to exist.

I've lost my head

I have no clue of what's in my head
I have no clue of what's on my mind
I am part of a grind
And there's no peace of mind
It's too simple to write these lines
Rhyme them and they sound fine.

When I lay alone on that big wooden bed
It seems I have pots of hashish in my head
No weight to the thoughts I've ever had
It oscillates between from bad to worse and from worse to bad
And then i can hear it go tick tock, tick tock
When will it give way, this chocablock.

Endless wait for an endless explosion
Freedom from the earth's exploitation
No fusion and no fission
And really a man with no mission
I am dead before I die
I am living but a lie.

And all I can do is wait to be led.
After all, I've lost my head.