Thursday, August 21, 2008

2 hundred words

A two hundred word sentence, in one’s opinion, does not need a heading or an introduction because even though one is not going to be moving in a stream of consciousness format, there is not much scope to decide on a particular topic and write about it; except maybe one’s own thought about the very exercise that one had wished to be relegated to the pages of one’s English literature class notes and subsequent examinations where the norm for scoring more, as one had been told by the seniors, was content running into scores of pages -- something that one had to unlearn and then learn the art of simple and short sentences to meet the requirements of brevity, accuracy and speed in the journalism industry, where again one noticed, much to one’s discomfort, the agony of having to edit long-winded, mindless, sentences that spoke of the entire event that a reporter had been asked to cover for the day, which made one wonder why one had to learn to communicate to work in an industry that accommodated people like the one mentioned above, but then it’s a strange world and the journalism industry is a very much a part of it so one has to probably agree that it also has the right to be strange at times.

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