Friday, August 1, 2008

It happened one night (on sms)!

+91-98xxxxxxxx: How couldn't wait for me...Idiot...I was having a shower.

He: Hi! Who is this?

+91-98xxxxxxxx: Sorry...Err..I mean exactly who is this?

He: I think u sent me the msg by mistake. Btw, am R.

+91-98xxxxxxxx: Seems like you are some call centre guy! R! No offences..Nice name otherwise.

He: Not really. I am a journalist. What do you do?

+91-98xxxxxxxx: Just a minute..What text..Which one did you get. Oh am so sorry.

He: Don't worry madam. I've already deleted the msg.

+91-98xxxxxxxx: Recently joined a corporate at a position in the communications department. Which text did you get! I feel baffled...Whats happening.

He: I got a msg from you calling me an idiot for not waiting for you n that u were in the shower. That's when I responded.

+91-98xxxxxxxx: How do you know am a female!!

He: You called me an idiot. Only a woman can say that. A man would have added something before or after.

+91-98xxxxxxxx: Journalist..Which publication or channel.

He: I am into sports. May I have your name please.

+91-98xxxxxxxx: Oh That sorry.

+91-98xxxxxxxx: Hello good morning. Anyone can use that word (idiot!) irrespective of their sex.

He: Am not a sexist, but a lot of my women friends use that word. Btw, what's your name?

+91-98xxxxxxxx: Whats in a name..That which we call a rose would smell as sweet by any other name.

He: That's pretty Shakespearean. Lit student?

+91-98xxxxxxxx: Graduated in journalism, Did pg in advertising and public relations. :-) did a lot of internships during college days with various media houses.

He: That's one thing in common. A journalism degree.

+91-98xxxxxxxx: See I guess no point telling my name. Am not a sporty person at all you must be so much into sporting..Guess, I won't get along.

He: Am not bothered about getting along. Am already committed.

+91-98xxxxxxxx: That's great take care.

He: You too. Cheers!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How do I?

How do I compliment thee,
When all I know about you
is just the tip of the iceberg.

What's on your mind,
what's in your mind,
all I need is a chance to find.

Conversations is all I ask for,
nothing less and nothing more!

Give me a time and a space
that I can make my own.

Compliments then will flow
from an unknown zone
in that head
that is fed
with your words and thoughts.

Conversations is all I ask for,
nothing less and nothing more!

Till then, How do I compliment thee?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

She and He!

She: :-)

He: That's an enigmatic smile. I know it means speak to you later, but...a fool is a fool is a fool.

She: I don't know if you are up to date with my gen, which did As You Like It for class nine and ten. But you definitely are pretty Shakespearean!


He: As I can see, As You Like It, doesn't mean You can call me!!! I don't know if I am up to date with your gen. I didn't pay much attention in class nine and ten. What I do know is a soliloquy and that's they way maybe tonight will stay.


He: I'm mortified.


It's different!

The love I feel for her, this year,
is different from the love I felt last year.

And yet there is no question of admitting it.

Love is not a currency. It's not a coin with a fixed value.
It's an idea that recurs. It dies, is reborn.

Afresh and anew!

And yet there is no question of admitting it.