Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A rhyme for a dime

Life is just a four-letter word
You reach a fork and take a turn
You burn everyday before you get inside an urn
The marks of the turn imprint on your hand
What matters is what's your stand
On issues and sundry matters
Some of which leave you in tatters
Others tire you to no end
You regret not having taken the other bend
And then you get to another fork
You decide to do a different walk
The grass looks greener to start with
But it turns to one of stones as you persist with it
You realise how every path is the same
Nothing comes free - surely not glory, guts and fame
You either join the herd or are termed a nerd
At the end of it all you get a few words
Some nice and some not so nice
Some that reverberate with the I told you so advice
You keep at it, burning midnight oil
Forces at work to make your plans foil
At the end, you draw your sword
Slay your enemies and control the word
Then your time comes to an end
It's time to take the final bend
Your epitaph is the only one crafted in stone
And there's no chance to make any bones
You are gone, but long lives the word
That's when you realise life is just a bit more than a four-letter word